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Green Network – sensitive to the need of ensuring conditions of fairness and transparency in the carrying out of its activity towards its stakeholders, the work of its employees and future shareholders – has found necessary the preparation and the actual implementation of the Organizational and Management Model.

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Green Network UK

In September 2016, Green Network Energy entered the UK energy market, becoming the first Italian supplier of power & gas. The company offers its supplies and services to domestic customers in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the numerous Italian citizens living in Britain.

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Today it is essential to be able to produce electricity from so-called renewable sources. Let’s try and understand why. Producing electricity means using natural resources as energy sources: fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. We are starting to run out of these fossil fuels and their processing methods contribute to the increase of the greenhouse effect.

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Investor Relations

Find all information related to the financial and economic results of the Green Network Group, of the electricity and gas sales in both the retail and wholesale market, as well as of the electricity production, from FER.

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News Green Network lands in the UK: interview with Sabrina Corbo

Green Network lands in the UK: interview with Sabrina Corbo

London is a global market attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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