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Biomass Plant in Umbria

RENA ENERGIA SRL, a Green Network Group company, has developed a combustion plant fuelled by renewable sources in Vocabolo Rena in the municipality of Avigliano Umbro in the province of Terni, operational since 20/12/2012.

In the plant the oven is fuelled by solid biomass consisting of vegetable materials deriving from prunings and the mechanical processing of untreated wood (chipping).

The plant is based on a classic Rankine cycle whose steam generator is able to produce 6 tonnes/h of steam at a pressure of 30 bars and a temperature of 450°C, which powers a Turbogenerator of approx 1000 kW that functions at all times.

A 92 kWp peak power photovoltaic system was installed on the biomass plant cover. The net electricity produced, incentivised by GSE via the Tariffa Onnicomprensiva, is sold to the network of the Local Distributor in its entirety.


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