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Green Network S.p.A. has always adopted a company policy focused on the quality of the service provided and on the full compliance with the Consumption Code. Such behaviors have enabled him to obtain important certifications.



    The quality management system implemented in Green Network companies S.p.A. has been recognized conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001.

    Green Network S.p.A., voluntarily adhering to this certification, wanted to highlight the quality of services offered to customers.

    By means of the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, internationally recognized through a certification body, quality systems and standards are defined, as well as procedures for controlling the same, with the main objective to meet these requirements fully and continuously.

    By doing so, companies undertake to ensure through a systematic activity that the quality of the services offered fully satisfies the needs of all the customers they are targeting, as the customer is at the heart of the quality management system.


    Green Network S.p.A. has received from the association CODICI (Center for the rights of the citizen) – in reference to the first “Energy Rating Codes”, the evaluation process born from the need of the association to put the consumer really at the center of the attention of each company – the recognition of reliable operator.


    Green Network S.p.A. has received the “Reliable Company – Ok Codacons” reliability award by the Codacons consumer association. This recognition testifies to the reliability of the company for the commitment it has always assumed to adopt a correct, transparent and collaborative behavior towards consumers. The company has also adopted Codacons “Service Charter”, which is based on the principle that the rights of consumers must be safeguarded equally with those of productivity and corporate profit. Furthermore, consumers are protected by a joint conciliation procedure as an alternative system for resolving disputes between consumer and company.

    “Carta dei Servizi”


    Green Network S.p.A. has obtained from Konsumer Italia, the Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Users, the “Controlled by Konsumer” approval mark for having their contracts and procedures aligned with the rules of the Consumption Code and in complete transparency.


    Green Network S.p.A. has obtained from KIWA the renewal of the E.S.Co. energy efficiency certification, following a careful check carried out in the presence of ACCREDIA.

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