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Renewable Sources

Today it is essential to be able to produce electricity from so-called renewable sources. Let’s try and understand why. Producing electricity means using natural resources as energy sources: fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. We are starting to run out of these fossil fuels and their processing methods contribute to the increase of the greenhouse effect.

As a result, a series of alternative renewable energy sources have been identified that can be used without having to worry about them running out one day.

According to current legislation, these sources are the sun, water and geothermal resources, tides, waves and the transformation of vegetable products or organic and inorganic waste (art. 2, 15 of LD no. 79 of 16/03/99).

As such, the following can be described as renewable energies:

geothermal energy; hydroelectric energy; marine energy; solar energy; wind energybiomass energy; waste-to-energy; energy or cogeneration from groundwater.

Right across Italy and overseas, Green Network Group develops electricity production plants fuelled by renewable sources: photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass.



Evolution of production from renewable sources 2016

Gross Italian production from renewable energy sources per region in 2016 (Statistical report by GSE)



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