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Company organization

The group is divided up by converging business areas into subsidiaries tasked with managing the complex energy scenario in their field.

  • Green Network:sales of electricity and gas to end customers, electricity trading, holding company and coordination activities.
  • Energrid: sales of electricity and gas to end customers.
  • Green Network Holding Rinnovabili: holds 55.36% of the shares of Spectrum Tech S.r.l., owner of a photovoltaic plant of approximately 9 MW located in southern Romania. It controls 100% the company Genera Green Energy, owner of the land on which the plant is located.
  • Green Network UK: set up on 5 October 2012. It began operating in November 2012 as a trader in Europe on both the OTC electricity and gas markets and on regulated markets, with both Italian and foreign counterparties. Its strong development is expected for the next financial year, carrying out extensive sourcing activities for the Group; 100% owned.
  • Green Network Energy UK: sales of electricity and gas to end customers in the UK market.
  • Rena Energia: owner of a 1 MW solid plant biomass plant located in the Umbria region.
  • Green Wind 2: owner of a 1 MW wind plant located in the Puglia region.
  • Biogas Energy: owner of a 1 MW plant biomass biogas plant located in the Abruzzo region.
  • Solcap Green: owner of a photovoltaic park of around 3 MW located in the Lombardy region.
  • Developower: activity aimed at accompanying the energy-intensive in the decarbonisation process or in the transition from energy produced with fossil fuels to that produced from renewable sources.
  • Green Network Energie Sarl: holder of a license to sell electricity in the French market.
  • Le Fate Turchine: provision of recreational and educational services.
  • US Boreale: real estate activities.
  • Qvinto: restaurant business.

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