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Wind Energy

Wind energy was first exploited in Persia as far back as 800 BC: it was used in the first windmills in history with the aim of transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. The same principle is used today to turn the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity using wind turbines.

These machines are designed to exploit wind energy and form the basis of the numerous wind farms across the world which, at the end of 2009, produced 157.9 GW of renewable energy (equal to 1.5% of world’s energy production).

Although this resource is not available in equal measure right across the planet, the use of wind energy is particularly attractive as, compared with other energy forms, it does not emit greenhouse gases, it is limitless and it is clean.

In Italy the majority of wind farms are concentrated in a number of mountainous, particularly ventilated areas of the Apennines.

A great believer in the importance of wind energy and its development potential, Green Network Group has developed an electricity generating wind farm in Puglia.



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