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Solar Energy

Thermal energy or electricity generated by the Sun’s rays on the Earth is known as “solar energy”. With the average solar radiation arriving at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere amounting to 1367 Watts per square metre at any given time, the average irradiance of the Earth is approx. 200 Watts/m2 which, if multiplied by every square metre available, translates into a theoretical capacity of 50 million GW, more than 10,000 times the amount of energy required in the world.

In reality, because of its lack of concentration, it is still difficult to actually tap into all of this solar energy and this is why solar panels are used.

Solar energy is an important renewable source but, to exploit it, compared with other energy generation systems major investment is required. For this reason a lot of technological research is taking place into apparatus that can deliver increasingly economical solutions for the use of photovoltaic energy.

A great believer in the importance of solar energy and its development potential, the Green Network Group is constantly committed to the development and realisation, right across Italy, of electricity generating photovoltaic plants (photovoltaic car park in Catania, photovoltaic installation in Terni, five photovoltaic installations in Molise, four photovoltaic plants in the province of Lecco, two photovoltaic installations in Rome).

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