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Strategic factors

Energy and gas are utilities that influence the growth and social wellbeing of the population. The goal of the Green Network Group is to provide its customers with an array of strategic solutions and services so it can pursue its leadership in the energy market:

  • The supply of electricity and gas;
  • Creation and management of consortia;
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE);
  • Design, development and management of units of renewable energy plants;
  • Supply of consultancy and technical assistance services for energy problems (self-production, savings, cogeneration etc.) with special focus on:
    • interconnectors (instruments that enable you to purchase electricity on the European markets in exchange for a commitment to contributing to the financing of new infrastructure for overseas interconnections);
    • interruption (mechanism through which, in emergency situations, it is possible to request that the customer’s supply be interrupted immediately in exchange for a bonus).



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