Let’s celebrate together: Green Network Energy Women’s Voices Up!

Let’s celebrate together: Green Network Energy Women’s Voices Up!

On the 8th of March, we mark the International Women’s Day and this year, we also celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the women vote, as well as the women’s place in parliament, important milestones in the fight for democratic equality.

To celebrate this day, that has been occurring for well over a century, I thought it was worth to honor all the accomplishment and achievements made by the strong women that inspire me every day.

Today, I celebrate how much women have achieved at an economic, political and social level worldwide and the different ways women independently advance in their careers and roles.

I celebrate the many innovative ways women radically change the nation with their vision and the many creative ways women become autonomous citizens able to strive for their full potential. It is through their leadership that tradition, values and legacy of our families have been upheld.

I’m so proud to live in an era of recognised female talent, in which equality has been more fully realised and an era where women are able to combine motherhood and their career choices in any way, shape or form. All the women in my family have taught me that the woman’s intuition and emotional intelligence is the most powerful force there is.

As a mother of three kids, I realised that the real beauty of motherhood is in teaching our children to become better humans, teaching our daughters to never be afraid to speak up and teaching our sons to respect and walk alongside them. Preparing them to make a difference, accept other’s perspectives and love themselves.

But as a female entrepreneur, I recognise that gender inequality still exists, working in the energy market, made me realise that women are still rarely considered. However, even when people disagree with me I always insist that women are the most ‘energetic’ fellow in the world!

So now, it’s our role to rewrite the rules, to be fearless of future challenges and shine. To help build a better female future in which gender stereotypes will be challenged and in which we encourage women to explore career opportunities in any field.

It can be difficult for a man to understand how women think, act and innovate unless he has been closely influenced by women in his life. We process things differently and on our own terms, that’s why sometimes men find us very ‘disruptive’!

In my professional experience as a female entrepreneur, I can say that the most notable female leaders I know, have a different vision that enables them to be well-rounded people. For example, we have our finger on the pulse of the culture and we can easily talk about the latest pop-culture news – but then easily switch gears and start to share our perspective on what is taking place on the economic and financial markets! And we constantly see the world through our lens of opportunity seeking for the ones previously unseen.

Managing the complex challenges that we have to face alongside our careers, is truly a difficult task. And there’s no one-size-fits-all policy to get that right.

But in the end, one of my deepest values as a woman is to support talented women in their work, giving them the opportunity to cover roles at senior positions and allow all them to have a balanced work and family life.

So, since we’re capable of doing great things, let’s change the odds and empower women together.
Have a great Women’s Day and be proud of yourself!

My best compliments to all women!



Watch the video with the quotes from all the women of Green Network Energy team.


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