After years of monopoly, the Italian electricity sector is undergoing intense and significant change as it moves in the direction of the free market. The Green Network Group is one of the main protagonists on the Italian deregulated energy market and carries out trading activities in order to manage energy supplies for the Group companies, operating through trading activities in the main Italian and European markets.
This enables the Group to provide its customers with increasingly economical and advantageous energy supply solutions.
The array of energy resources available to the Green Network Group is continuously enriched with new plants such as the photovoltaic plants in Terni and Catania.

The trading of electricity and gas is one of the Green Network Group’s core businesses. Originally developed only for the Italian market, the trading business is being extended to all of the main European markets, interconnected and not with Italy – Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany. Thanks to its highly specialist and dynamic structure, it also plays an active role in organised markets such as the various European Markets and the bilateral markets (OTC).
In recent years the Green Network Group has also strongly invested in its market strategy and market analysis as keys to the success of its business.
Trading activities are carried out by the Rome office as regards the Italian market, while international trading is carried out directly in London, a strategic hub in terms of its access and global overview of the markets.