risorseumane--623x315The management is supported by a team with highly specialised technical expertise that stands out for its high levels of motivation, its operational intelligence and its ability to work harmoniously in a greatly rewarding environment. The structure is streamlined and characterised by the advantage that operators and customers know each other personally; this ensures that, as a whole, support activities have a minimal impact on the primary process.

The ‘lightness’ of the company structure is greeted positively on the market, which is primarily interested in transparency and technical expertise. Presence in the community though local offices guarantees the continuity of the relationship and customer loyalty.


In the first half of 2012 the Management launched a project aimed at identifying and improving the professional performances of all of its staff.

The BO.PA (Back Office Performance Analysis) project constantly monitors the service provided to customers in order to improve it, from a competitive standpoint, on the basis of the needs of users and changes in the market. It also analyses internal working processes, identifying any critical factors and implementing initiatives to boost the professional growth of the team.

The project invests in the Human Capital of the Group, focusing on innovation, learning and the overall development of the company in terms of its abilities, expertise, motivation, engagement and responsibility.