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Business Model

The Green Network Group operates in the deregulated electricity and gas market, and in the areas of trading, sales to end customers and production from conventional and renewable sources, boasting a widespread commercial presence across Italy.

One of the leading independent operators, the Group has acquired significant experience in the energy efficiency sector, developing projects that have enabled it to acquire over half a million exchangeable credits on the Market.

The Group is founded on a streamlined structure and on high-level technical expertise and is affiliated to all domestic and European leaders through commercial relationships.


Group activities and strategies

  • Electricity

In order to adequately respond to the specific needs of its customers, the Green Network Group has identified three segments connected with the electricity market:

  1. Heavily energy-intensive clients (businesses that consume between 300 and over 10,000 MWh/year);
  2. Medium-large clients (businesses, local authorities, tertiary sector etc.);
  3. Retail and domestic clients (shops, self-employed professionals, condominiums etc.).


  • Gas

As of the 2010/2011 Thermal Year, the Green Network Group is present on the Gas market with sales volumes of over 300 million m3.

The Group strategy is focused on consolidating relations with the Power Clients already in the portfolio in order to offer increasingly integrated and quality services.

Dealing with a single interlocutor, the Group manages its energy supplies (Gas and Power) in a comprehensive and competitive manner and ensures that its additional activities, whether relating to interconnector power or industrial storage (LD 130/10), are managed as efficiently as possible.
An inevitable development of this strategy is the expansion of retail sales activities towards the residential and small business segments and the subsequent integration of Gas segment activities, an area in which the Green Network Group has already established partnership agreements with leading international operators.

The end goal is the complete integration of all of its activities, leading to excellent levels of competitiveness in all segments and the complete satisfaction of the customer.



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