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Green Network is the first and only Italian company operating in the power & gas market in the United Kingdom. It operates by the following:

Green Network Energy addresses its electricity supply firstly to the many Italians residing in the United Kingdom (around 500,000 with tax residence, and one million residents in total) as well as to local citizens and businesses. 

Being present as an Italian Company in the UK market is a source of pride for Green Network designers and workers.

Green Network’s strategic decision aims to supply electricity and gas not only to English-speaking customers throughout England, Wales and Scotland, but also, and above all, to the many Italian citizens living in Britain. This has led to the creation of a call center with Italian mother-tongue agents alongside those of English mother-tongue.

By 2019, Green Network’s three-year expansion plan aims to reach approximately 300,000 customers and revenues for 300 million pounds (over 350 million euro), with a margin of 8%.


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