Green Network wins the Radio Key Award for the second year running

Milan, 29 November 2017 – The panel of judges at the 49th Key Award & the 4th Radio Key Award presented the Radio Key Award for the Transport and Energy category to Green Network Energy’s “Baronessa” commercial. This family-run company, established in 2003, is one of the major energy providers in the open Italian market and, since 2016, in the UK market too.

The “Baronessa” commercial – lasting 30” – is one of the three subjects of the “Il Principe Illuminato” (Illuminated Prince) advertising campaign. The “Baronessa” commercial, awarded the prestigious accolade, stars Italian actor Christian De Sica, who, with his relentless energy, plays the role of a Prince who retains his noble title if little else. The Prince, not being able to pay his own housekeeper, employs a young apprentice who shows her money-saving skills and opposes the Baroness, who continuously tries to tempt the Prince with companies bearing prestigious names and entirely unaffordable prices.

The commercial will be on air from next March in rotation on major Italian radio stations (RTL, Radio 105, Radio Rai and Radio 24).

Yesterday, Green Network attended the prize-giving gala evening held in Milan at the Auditorium IULM, which saw the participation of key players in the communication, economics and show business fields, as well as that of the Key Award panel of judges, comprising newspaper editors, journalists from leading monthly and daily newspapers, university professors, presidents of trade associations, creative directors, film directors and important professionals in the sector.

Now at its 49th edition, the Key Award has gradually established itself as the most complete Italian accolade exclusively dedicated to advertising communication, thus triggering the development and success of ‘made in Italy’ in the field of commercials. Moreover, the award highlights new forms of advertising with a category dedicated to product placement while enhancing the specific skills involved in making commercials.

The Radio Key Award, which focuses on radio advertising, has now reached its 4th edition. Following the tradition of the Radio Festival Rai, it has become a benchmark for audio production companies and for customers who benefit from the effectiveness of radio advertising to highlight the values of a brand.

Green Network was established in 2003 following the liberalisation of the electricity market thanks to the work of a group of professionals who, with their skills, immediately made the company one of the most well-established and reputable operators in the Italian energy market. The Group is mainly active in the power & gas market, operating as a wholesaler, trader and provider throughout Italy while producing electricity, mainly coming from renewable sources, and running its own plants. Green Network has recently started doing business in the United Kingdom as the only Italian company in the sector.

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