Green Network: The Baby-Friendly Company

Green Network: The Baby-Friendly Company

What can a working mum do when nobody can take care of her children? Simple: she sets up her own child-care service. This is the solution devised by Sabrina Corbo, Executive Vice President and founder, along with her husband Piero Saulli, of Green Network, a Group operating throughout Italy in the gas and power domain as a wholesaler, supplier and producer of electricity mainly from renewable sources at its own plants.

Le Fate Turchine Nursery and Kindergarten, established in 2008, is surrounded by the trees of the pond’s park in Tor di Quinto, Rome. It takes care of babies (0-36 months) and children aged 3 to 6 and offers a three-language syllabus – Italian, English and French – based on the Hocus & Lotus method developed by Università La Sapienza and certified by the Ministry of Education. It is free for all Green Network employees and open to the public. Many activities are proposed: a cooking course, children’s parking, acting classes in English.

“Our goal”, says Simone Pellegrino, Le Fate Turchine Director and also Green Network’s HR Manager “is to offer children a high-quality educational service and involve families”. For example through the Logbook, a web application that updates parents on their children’s activities in real-time. “The logbook is reassuring”, says Mariangela Pagone, a Group employee who benefits from the child-care service.


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